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The 3 principles of Entrepreneurship

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Are you an entrepreneur ? or just a frustrated cubicle guy or a millennial with jumping balls to make a change in life. You can be any one of them but why " Entrepreneur " .

It makes this article quite interesting for those who is not getting any interest in their daily routine. You may be right to be influenced by many things such as lifestyle of entrepreneurs , the own boss way of living the life or to genuinely solve a real life problem. It all does matter but only till one point i.e. until you don't quit.

It might look interesting at the outer part of the circle but it's something different inside. The world is constantly changing around the clock and the way we are automating thing will replace human by machines.

At this fact many will still have a hope to remain broke just because they want to carry a tag of " Secure Income " i.e job which means collecting fixed pennies at the end of the month.

Entrepreneurs are born out of pain and problems they want to eradicate from the society. A person who has the ability to fix a problem using a simple technique and generate revenue out of it can be a worthy person in coming 5 years.

Let's crack the most effective and useful 3 principles of Entrepreneurship

1. Educate - An entrepreneurial journey is full of knowledge and wisdom. They read hell lot of books to consume more and more experiences recorded in form of text by influential readers and entrepreneurs.

Do you read often ? Think about it

2. Empower - An entrepreneur is a person who risk his life in terms of career and capital build a successful business. The odds of society tears him roughly day and night but they continue to grow and that makes them empowered to fight against all the negativity.

Few things you should know about the beginning of an entrepreneur.

1. An Entrepreneur quits his 9 to 5 job to work 24x7

2. An Entrepreneur suffers in his personal life.

3. An Entrepreneur suffers in his health life

4. An Entrepreneur is ready to face failure in initial years.

Are you ready for all these cherry upon cake conditions ?

3. Entertain - An entrepreneur is full of creative ideas and he knows he can make things easy for customers to understand in more effective and humorous way. The quality of making it simple all about making their product or service reach maximum market.

It can be amazing to read and conclude that " Hamse na Ho Paaega " but when there is scarcity of satisfaction in life , when you start getting closer to reality of how world runs , you'll end up choosing entrepreneurship as your career.

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